Not You’re Biggest Fan


We all hate it when someone tries to take our information and use it for whatever purpose they see fit. Hackers have developed ways of stealing information through emails, lurking, user accounts, and now… fans? You read that last sentence right. Fans. Some researchers in Israel have been tinkering around in ways to get information through air-gapped computers. Hackers love em’. What’s an air-gap? It’s quite literally:

A network security measure, also known as air gapping, employed on one or more computers to ensure that a secure computer network is physically isolated from unsecured networks, such as the public Internet or an unsecured local area network” – (Thanks

Weird huh? You’d think that something like that would be safe. Not completely it seems. The process isn’t with just any fan near you though. Put the fan next to you down and relax. The hacking method is to take data from your computer by reading the sound emitted by its cooling fan. The technique is interesting but, can only steal a limited amount of data. Unfortunately, that data includes usernames, passwords, and even encryption keys. YIKES. But, don’t fret. They can only steal your information from about 24 feet away. You should be fine keeping your distance from every human within that proximity, right?


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What’s Your Trump Card?

EuchreNightTen of Spades! No! Ace of Hearts! Sound familiar? It’s about that time again to play a game of chance and deem yourself and that lucky son of a gun you call your partner, the winners of Byte Club Gaming’s Euchre Tournament! So, this Saturday at 6:30 pm, stop on by and sign yourself and a friend up for a night of tricks and see if your teams hand has winning potential.

$10 Venue Fee Applies To All Who Sign Up.

(Winners will be awarded with prizes for their success)

Facebook Event Page:

2190 Whitehall Rd Muskegon, MI 49445  231.709.9729

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A Punch for a Friend



Card games are always more fun with friends, (especially when you win)! Games such as Magic The Gathering, are no exception to this. Right now, we want to make it not only more entertaining for all you wizards out there to play but, cheaper as well by giving you all who come in and game with us a: Magic Loyalty Punch Card! How does it work? Simple, all you have to do is bring in a friend who’s never played with us before and get a punch in your card! A punch for a friend! When your Loyalty card is full you can get your next booster draft with us for FREE! This is a $25 value and can give some new amazing cards without the extra cost.

Over here at Byte Club Gaming we have a $5 casual Magic play period every Friday night at 6pm. All experience levels welcome and if you’re new to it and wish to add more experience to your play we have an awesome guy that can give you pointers if you arrive a little early!

So, stop on by and play for a spell! We’re located next to the 750 on Whitehall Road in Muskegon. 2190 Whitehall Rd 231-709-9729

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The shows of the beginning of the year are coming to an end and soon it feels like there will be nothing left to binge watch on a Saturday night… WRONG. SHATTERBOX has a ton of newer shows and movies to choose from right now! (Some movies are still playing in theaters!) So why not SHATTERBOX and chill with us for a night? There’s sure to be something that you would like to see! Maybe even something that you have always wanted to see but could never find the time to watch it on your television. Not only can you watch your favorite shows on your T.V. but, you can even watch them on your tablet or computer in the comfort of your own home!

Order yours today at:

OR stop in and see for yourself how it works 2190 Whitehall Rd (next to 750 Grill)  231-709-9729

You could be watching your favorite shows and movies right now!

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We all use our computers for various things: watching videos, connecting with friends and family, business, and a place to store all of our data and precious memories… And then your computer crashes or gets a mysterious virus that wipes everything from your drive making this “oh so useful” piece of technology into a useless piece of junk. Don’t panic! There is a way of preventing this horrifying scenario from taking everything you hold dear to you and your business.

Here are some options that will help you sleep better at night:

1: Get yourself a USB Flash Drive! These sweet little babies range in size from 2GB all the way up to a whopping 256GB! They all vary in price depending on where you get them and can be extremely useful when it comes to storing your files and pictures of dear aunt Milly! The cons of this remarkable little device is that it is a dinky little thing and can be lost or tossed in a washing machine on the one day you didn’t check your pants. If found by a stranger they could find your USB and/or data rather useful, for themselves. So be careful with this little guy.

2: An external hard drive! These amazing devices are not only a bit bigger than a USB but, are also able to hold SO MUCH MORE. These bad boys range from around 320 GB all the way up to 6TB. How big is that? That’s around 1,500 hours of HD videos or around 1,200,000 Digital photos. Mind boggling right? Technology can only improve with time. A con of the external hard drive is that it is a bit more pricy and can sometimes one-punch-knock-out your wallet. Depending on where you get them they can cost as much $700. A sacrifice for the good of your files, right?

3: Back-up disk! This option can actually help you save your programs and help you restore your Operating Systems. It’s incredibly cheap but, can’t exactly save everything if you have over a TB of files. An external is recommended for a back-up of this back-up.

4: A Cloud! Why carry a device around with you that can be broken or lost? A cloud lives up to its name by being an untouchable but useful storage option. You can get a free cloud for storage with businesses like Dropbox which offers a free, according to, 2GB of storage. You do, of course, get more for your money and if you pay the right price you can get an unlimited amount of storage. Unfortunately, this option usually needs an internet connection for you to access your files.

We here at Technology Bytes can offer assistance with any questions you may have regarding backing up your files and data. We have all these named options in house and can help you set up a cloud if help is needed.

For help call, 231-709-9729.

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Some jokes are just better left among friends: the dirty ones, the dark ones, or the just plain WRONG ONES! This game takes the cake!

Byte Club Gaming is hosting a Cards Against Humanity Tournament. If you’re over 21 and like to play games with your friends that make you question each other and humanity: this is the game for you! We have a great atmosphere to play in and even have drinks and pizza to gulp and munch on as you play the game.

And if playing an offensive game wasn’t already fun enough, there are PRIZES to be won! Come and see what the gutter end of your mind can win you this Saturday the 25th at 6pm! Bring friends or come alone and make new friends.

$10 to enter

(Must have I.D. at the door)

Located right next to the 750 Grill on Whitehall road!

For questions, call 231-709-9729

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SHATTERBOX – Watch Your Shows NOW!


We all have our television shows and movies that we love and can’t get enough of! SHATTERBOX, an innovative streaming device, that has an almost unlimited variety of shows and movies for your viewing pleasure.

This amazing device, with decent internet connection, can certain stream shows and movies that aren’t even in theaters or on their original channel yet! With just a onetime purchase price you can get unlimited amounts of shows and movies at your fingertips. Never pay for cable again! At a cheaper price than its competitors, better customer service, and a cleaner variety of shows SHATTERBOX is the streaming device for you. You won’t even have to worry about receiving any monthly bill from us! EVER.

If it has any trouble or breaks down – which is rare due to how well it is built – the fee is only a flat rate of $50.

SHATTERBOX cares about the customer’s happiness and satisfaction. Why pay more for your shows? Go purchase your SHATTERBOX today!

Stop in at see it…

2190 Whitehall Rd (next to 750 Grill)

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