Welcome!  My name is Brenda Durga. I am a wife, mother of four and the owner of Technology Bytes in North Muskegon, MI along with my husband Richie.  I am a graduate of North Muskegon High School and have a degree in Visual Communication and Project Management.  Now you might be asking…why in the world would you purchase a computer store?!

That is a valid question.  Although computer repair or even hardware repair are not in my background, I have learned that we (locally) are in need of a place that will take the time to help customers understand their computer problems, needs and uses.  Together with my technicians we are able to quickly resolve the problem but also take the time to explain what we did and why.  But more importantly….in language that our customers will understand.   My background allows me to work one-in-one with our technicians and then translate for our customers.

I have been doing the “computer thing” for over a year now and I am in LOVE with our customers.  I feel we have something unique to offer our community and we are expanding to more than just computer repair!

2016 is going to an amazing year of growth for us!  We will be expanding with our alternative TV solution, SHATTERBOX, our Small Business IT Solutions, DIY Custom Build computers, and the Dungeon.  I am most excited about The Dungeon.  We are converting our lower level into a gaming center where we can over a clean, safe gaming environment for everyone 13 – 100.  We will be hosting gaming events with retro gaming systems to euchure tournaments.  There will be something for everyone to join the fun!


Thank you for join us!


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