5 Energy Saving Tips for your Computer


In honor of Cut Energy Costs Week, we here at Technology Bytes are going to help spread the powerful knowledge that we have to help you not only save on energy, but add some weight to your wallet in the process! Here are our top five, often ignored, but highly beneficial energy saving tips for your computer.

  1. Get Yourself Smart!

As in a smart surge protector! These handy little extensions are not only designed to help you save energy and your electrical toys, but your wallet as well! Usually coming with multiple colors around each socket to help organize what items are plugged in due to their energy usage, they are relatively easy to use. (coupon below)

  1. Not Too Bright

If you’re using a laptop this can be extra beneficial! You can usually adjust your screens brightness to not only help save you money and energy but, even your eyes! No one likes a blinding screen in their face at night! YIKES!

  1. Running in the Background

Be sure to check your task manager and see what programs that have decided to run silently in the background – even when you’re NOT using them! Other than the certain anti-spy and anti-malware you could be running when you’re online other programs could be running without even being open! Luckily, it’s just a simple ctrl+alt+delete away!

  1. Assuming Control

Most of our current desktop computers and laptops have energy saving options within its control panel. Check through the different options that your machine may have to save its energy and in the end it could save you from a “near dead” panic and the frustration of extra energy costs.

  1. Nap Time

Even though our beloved computers are just a hunk of technology: they need rest to. Be sure that when you’re not using your computer – it’s off and that you properly shut it down. This will help save energy for the long run!

There you go! Now pardon me while I shut this bad-boy down and enjoy some fresh air!


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