Count Down from 10


Over the past year or so Microsoft has urged everyone to update to Windows10 for the price of zero dollars. However, on July 29th of this year, just over a week away, the free downloads will end and the price tag will take a staggering jump. For those of you out there still running Windows7 the cost to upgrade will be around $100. Everyone likes free things right? Well, not if it takes multiple upgrades to your software, and even hardware in the rare case, in order to get it.

The price tag gets relatively high, yes?

Getting with the times can either be incredibly easy or extremely difficult due to how much it damages your wallet. So, if you’re not one that likes to spend much money on new programs or operating systems now is the time to stop dragging your feet! Windows10 is going to lose its free range and become just another operating system that you have to pay to get.

Get your free version NOW before it’s TOO LATE!

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