A Punch for a Friend



Card games are always more fun with friends, (especially when you win)! Games such as Magic The Gathering, are no exception to this. Right now, we want to make it not only more entertaining for all you wizards out there to play but, cheaper as well by giving you all who come in and game with us a: Magic Loyalty Punch Card! How does it work? Simple, all you have to do is bring in a friend who’s never played with us before and get a punch in your card! A punch for a friend! When your Loyalty card is full you can get your next booster draft with us for FREE! This is a $25 value and can give some new amazing cards without the extra cost.

Over here at Byte Club Gaming we have a $5 casual Magic play period every Friday night at 6pm. All experience levels welcome and if you’re new to it and wish to add more experience to your play we have an awesome guy that can give you pointers if you arrive a little early!

So, stop on by and play for a spell! We’re located next to the 750 on Whitehall Road in Muskegon. 2190 Whitehall Rd 231-709-9729


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