Some jokes are just better left among friends: the dirty ones, the dark ones, or the just plain WRONG ONES! This game takes the cake!

Byte Club Gaming is hosting a Cards Against Humanity Tournament. If you’re over 21 and like to play games with your friends that make you question each other and humanity: this is the game for you! We have a great atmosphere to play in and even have drinks and pizza to gulp and munch on as you play the game.

And if playing an offensive game wasn’t already fun enough, there are PRIZES to be won! Come and see what the gutter end of your mind can win you this Saturday the 25th at 6pm! Bring friends or come alone and make new friends.

$10 to enter

(Must have I.D. at the door)

Located right next to the 750 Grill on Whitehall road!

For questions, call 231-709-9729

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