We all use our computers for various things: watching videos, connecting with friends and family, business, and a place to store all of our data and precious memories… And then your computer crashes or gets a mysterious virus that wipes everything from your drive making this “oh so useful” piece of technology into a useless piece of junk. Don’t panic! There is a way of preventing this horrifying scenario from taking everything you hold dear to you and your business.

Here are some options that will help you sleep better at night:

1: Get yourself a USB Flash Drive! These sweet little babies range in size from 2GB all the way up to a whopping 256GB! They all vary in price depending on where you get them and can be extremely useful when it comes to storing your files and pictures of dear aunt Milly! The cons of this remarkable little device is that it is a dinky little thing and can be lost or tossed in a washing machine on the one day you didn’t check your pants. If found by a stranger they could find your USB and/or data rather useful, for themselves. So be careful with this little guy.

2: An external hard drive! These amazing devices are not only a bit bigger than a USB but, are also able to hold SO MUCH MORE. These bad boys range from around 320 GB all the way up to 6TB. How big is that? That’s around 1,500 hours of HD videos or around 1,200,000 Digital photos. Mind boggling right? Technology can only improve with time. A con of the external hard drive is that it is a bit more pricy and can sometimes one-punch-knock-out your wallet. Depending on where you get them they can cost as much $700. A sacrifice for the good of your files, right?

3: Back-up disk! This option can actually help you save your programs and help you restore your Operating Systems. It’s incredibly cheap but, can’t exactly save everything if you have over a TB of files. An external is recommended for a back-up of this back-up.

4: A Cloud! Why carry a device around with you that can be broken or lost? A cloud lives up to its name by being an untouchable but useful storage option. You can get a free cloud for storage with businesses like Dropbox which offers a free, according to, 2GB of storage. You do, of course, get more for your money and if you pay the right price you can get an unlimited amount of storage. Unfortunately, this option usually needs an internet connection for you to access your files.

We here at Technology Bytes can offer assistance with any questions you may have regarding backing up your files and data. We have all these named options in house and can help you set up a cloud if help is needed.

For help call, 231-709-9729.

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