It’s Time to SMASH!


Gaming is fun. Gaming with friends is even more fun. Kicking your friends butt and having them clap for you at the end of your match? Priceless.

This is one of the many amazing things about Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros.! Having a variety of different characters from Nintendo’s wide range of games, you can select and destroy everything in your path, especially your friends, with your favorite “bad” (or “good”) guys. Yep, since its first release in 1999 this franchise has been making a killing! So why not have a tournament to see who’s the best? That’s what we’re here for!

Byte Club Gaming is holding a tournament this weekend at their location on 2190 Whitehall Road Suite D-F, right in Muskegon, Michigan. Beginning at 3:30 this event is expected to some rivals from Spring lake. Come on over Muskegon smashers! It only costs $10 to join in the fun! ($5 venue fee and $5 tournament fee). The doors open at noon, let’s show them what we’ve got! It’s time for a head to head battle of who smashes best!

If you’re not into Super Smash Bros., then how about Magic: The Gathering? During the SMASH tournament, Byte Club gaming is also holding a gathering of likeminded wizards to come and battle with all their lands and skills. It’s only a small cost of $5 for a venue fee.


Come on by, relax, and bury, burn, crush, or drown your enemies with love~!

Questions? Call 231-709-9729

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