We all know how troublesome and demanding Microsoft and its programs can be and how sometimes we would prefer to pull out our own hair than actually deal with it or anyone, for that matter, on their tech support team. The need for updates can cause some serious lag in how your computer or device runs. Scammers and cyber-criminals also know this and have developed rather insidious, yet simple, ways to take information from right out of your hands in the worst way: by having you give it to them willingly.
Some of this year’s newest scams are disguising themselves as dear old Microsoft. Here are just a few of the masks they wear for your convenient inconvenience:

  • Windows Service Center
  • Windows Helpdesk
  • Microsoft Support
  • Windows Technical Department Support Group
  • Microsoft Tech Support
  • And Microsoft Research and Development Team (Microsoft R & D Team)

Quite the list right? It’s not even the half of it. Most of the information they find on you are within a public phone directory, giving them your name as well as other personal information. There have been numerous cases where they have even guessed correctly on what operating system that you’re running! The scammer that will contact you may even sound generally friendly and approachable and listen to any woes you may have about your computer and any current programs you have running. They may even be rude and try to trick you into paying for services that you didn’t ask for.
Don’t worry. Take a deep breath. More than likely there’s nothing wrong with your computer or software. Hang up the phone and give us a call. We’re here to help!

2190 Whitehall Road
Muskegon, MI
(Right next to 750 Grill!)

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