How does our Grand Opening affect you?

Byte Club Gaming is the first of it’s kind in the Muskegon area.  We offer an active calendar of events for all ages!

We have created a unique environment for people of all ages and back grounds to come and enjoy.  Don’t play games? That’s ok….bring your laptop, enjoy our AC and a cool beverage from our concessions.

Kids – (ages 2-10) Welcome any time to come in with parents to play a rousing gaming of Uno.  Instead of being home all the time, take a trip to Byte Club Gaming.  On Saturday Morning we have Byte Club Junior time from 10am – noon where they can come and play with other kids their age.

Pre-teen/Teen – Stop in and try one of our many gaming consuls or gaming pc’s. These can be rented by the hour.  Or join us for one of our weekly tournaments.  Bring a parent or bring a friend and show off your mad gaming skills.

Young Adults/Adults – Also welcome to join our weekly tournaments, Friday Night Magic or our Adult (21+) Tournaments.  Bring your own group or meet new friends.

Parents – We offer a clean, family-friendly environment where your kids are safe.  We have a zero tolerance policy on violence, bullying, swearing and anything we feel would ruin what we are trying to create.  When you bring your minor in they are asked to fill out a form that will allow us to contact you in case any emergency or concern should arise.  I would like to think if it as more of a partnership with the parents.

Families – We cater to you!  As a mother of 4 young ones, I understand the huge cost it takes to do anything with the family.  More times, we end up doing things around the house or finding free events.  Because of our sponsors we are able to offer our Saturday kids time as a free event.  There is also no charge for you to bring your family in and play a board game or two.  We realize some of the older kids may also want to participate in tournaments we have created a family price that we feel will make everyone happy.  These can be played with or without the parents 😉

Rates – So, now I am sure you are asking about our pricing… After much research and our desire to make it affordable while still covering our expenses, this is what we have established as our rates.


I would like to thank everyone again for coming out to our Grand Open.  We are truly blessed by each one of you.

You can learn more at – we are still working our gaming list

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