How to dry out a smart phone that has been dropped in water

Have you ever dropped your smart phone and watched it bounce (in slow motion of course!) across the floor? I have too, and it isn’t a very pleasant experience. And if you’ve ever dropped you phone into water the feeling is even worse!  Your heart hits the floor and you feel like you have lost your best friend….you know it’s true.

If you act quickly however, you have an good chance at saving your phone from a watery slow death. Here are the key points to remember:

Speed is of the essence. The moment you realize that your smart phone has taken a plunge off the virtual equivalent of a high dive, you need to retrieve it from the water. Do not hesitate while pondering whether the phone is worth sticking your hand into a nasty toilet bowl in order to retrieve it. You need to have that settled in your mind ahead of time. This is serious people!

Immediately after retrieving the phone from the water, quickly wipe the water from the outside of the case with whatever you have available to do the job (yes, that means your shirt if it’s the only option).

Android phones

1 – Holding the phone with the battery side down, pop off the cover and remove the battery. You may want to practice this so if the event ever arises you will be ready to do it quickly.

2 – Remove the battery from the phone immediately after the cover is off. Don’t waste time shutting the phone down with the power button. Just remove the battery as quickly as possible.

3 – Remove both the SD card and the SIM card (if it has one). Important: DO NOT attempt to dry the inside of the phone by wiping it with a rag.

4 – If the phone has a slide-out keyboard, open it.

5 – Put all components in dry rice.


1- After contaminating your shirt, put the phone immediately in dry rice.


Let everything dry out while leaving them in the rice for a minimum of 72 hours, and do not be tempted to cheat! Actually, the longer you wait the better your chances of being able to use the phone again. I do realize that doing without a phone for several days can be a hassle, but if you want your best friend back, it will be worth it!

If all goes well, your smart phone should boot up fine and operate normally after re-installing the battery, SD card and SIM card. And remember, good things happen to those who wait!

You got this.

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