5 Energy Saving Tips for your Computer


In honor of Cut Energy Costs Week, we here at Technology Bytes are going to help spread the powerful knowledge that we have to help you not only save on energy, but add some weight to your wallet in the process! Here are our top five, often ignored, but highly beneficial energy saving tips for your computer.

  1. Get Yourself Smart!

As in a smart surge protector! These handy little extensions are not only designed to help you save energy and your electrical toys, but your wallet as well! Usually coming with multiple colors around each socket to help organize what items are plugged in due to their energy usage, they are relatively easy to use. (coupon below)

  1. Not Too Bright

If you’re using a laptop this can be extra beneficial! You can usually adjust your screens brightness to not only help save you money and energy but, even your eyes! No one likes a blinding screen in their face at night! YIKES!

  1. Running in the Background

Be sure to check your task manager and see what programs that have decided to run silently in the background – even when you’re NOT using them! Other than the certain anti-spy and anti-malware you could be running when you’re online other programs could be running without even being open! Luckily, it’s just a simple ctrl+alt+delete away!

  1. Assuming Control

Most of our current desktop computers and laptops have energy saving options within its control panel. Check through the different options that your machine may have to save its energy and in the end it could save you from a “near dead” panic and the frustration of extra energy costs.

  1. Nap Time

Even though our beloved computers are just a hunk of technology: they need rest to. Be sure that when you’re not using your computer – it’s off and that you properly shut it down. This will help save energy for the long run!

There you go! Now pardon me while I shut this bad-boy down and enjoy some fresh air!


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What’s in your stocking?

Over the years stockings have become my favorite part of Christmas.  My mom would spend hours searching for  neat little trinkets and gadgets and carefully stuff them in our stocking.  It has become a fun game between my sister and I  who got the coolest gift. Some of my most memorable gifts came out of my stocking!

This is why I am excited to announce WE HAVE STOCKING GIFTS! We offer fun little games that would add excitement to any stocking.  You can even stop in our store and learn more about the games before you purchase. Or if you don’t know what your kids would like, one of our gaming experts would love to help you.

These also make great White Elephant gifts for family or work parties! 

Below are a couple fun ideas sure to create a memorable stocking gift for every age!

Happy Salmon – $15


Happy salmon
 is the simple, fast-paced card game packed to the gills with high-flying’, fin-flappin’ fun. Actions including the classic “high 5”, the unifying “pound it”, the frantic “Switcheroo”, and the delightful “happy salmon” will leave players doubled over in laughter.

Fluxx – $15



Fluxx is an amazingly simple game. In the beginning, each player is dealt 3 cards and the only rule is “Draw 1 card; Play 1 card.” There are 4 basic card types: Keepers (cards you place in front of you – things required to complete a Goal); Goals (specify the Keepers or conditions needed to win the game); Actions (um…actions to mess with game play); and Rules (new rules that replace, remove, or add to the rules already in play). There are also a few Creeper cards – these will prevent you from winning, unless you change the Rules or the Goal. So, basically, once play begins, the rules change and change until someone games the game to win!

Game of Thrones


Hand of the King is a fast-paced card game of cunning deals and clever maneuvering for two to four players. Each turn, you and your opponents will compete, using the services of Varys, the Master of Whispers, to gain influence over the Great Houses of Westeros. The player with the most influence at the end of the game become the next Hand of the King, but to get there, you’ll need to make alliances and know when to betray your former allies.


All of our stocking stuffers range from $2.50 – $20.00.

Not sure what time of game your crowd would like, stop by our store and meet one of our gaming experts. They will fit you to a perfect gift and in many cases you can try it before you buy it!

You can also call the store at 1.231.709.9729 Or click here to schedule an appointment.

We look forward to helping you find the perfect stocking stuffer that will create a lifetime of memories!

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5 Reason Why a Computer Clean up is a Great Gift


Computers work well when they are taken care of, you could have the best computer money can buy, but without regular Maintenance and servicing you may not get the best bang for your buck.

1. Detect issues early, before they become problems

You’ve just gone out and bought a brand spanking new machine, should give you a couple of years of no  hassles, right? Maybe. Whether your computer is new or old problems can pop up at any time. By getting regular maintaining you can get the jump on problems because lets face it…we all love our computers!

2. Prevent against viruses and malware

Viruses and malware are a pain to anyone, virus writers actively seek to disrupt your computer. When your computer is infected a number of symptoms may be felt, from annoying slowdowns to popup messages or contacts emailing you about a strange email you apparently sent them. If your system is compromised your computer could be used as a launching pad to infect your friends.

If Microsoft Windows and your antivirus software is kept up to date then it greatly reduces your chance of a virus infection as commonly known loopholes are closed to hackers and virus writers.

If you do receive a suspicious email or come across something you’re not sure about online, be careful!

Remember antivirus is not foolproof, always exercise caution and if in doubt contact contact us and we will guild you through it.

3. Speed up Your Computer

Over time, files that are stored on your computer can become disorganized and fragmented, this results in slow loading times and delayed access to programs and files. By regularly running speed checks and smart optimization, we can speed up your computers loading times and take care of those annoying pauses when you are busy and need quick and efficient access to your files and software.

4. Keep Antivirus Software Up-to-date

Antivirus software is vital and every PC should be protected but having antivirus software installed isn’t the end of your security – it needs to be up-to-date and working as intended.  Some office people can ignore important warnings from antivirus programs, mistakenly thinking that the system is just doing its job. It is important to check out these issues and make sure you are running the latest version of your antivirus software, as an infection could cost hundreds of dollars to fix – and can have a devastating effect on productivity.

5. Maximize Software Efficiency

Computers age and over time they start to slow down – software packages that performed quickly and efficiently to begin with, can become sluggish and have a negative impact on productivity. Because this slowdown has occurred over many years, the computer user may have grown used to the issue and may think that it is normal. It’s not normal, and at Technology Bytes we do regular checks to ensure your software is running to its maximum efficiency – often the answer is just a slight hardware modification or a quick clean out of programs that are no longer needed; if the issue is more complicated however, we can investigate and advise on a range of suitable options.

Why is it a great gift?
1. Many people don’t even have an anti-virus on their computer and those that do they are most times out of date.

2. Hackers are pray on users that don’t understand their computer. We love to educate our customers so if they are in these situations, they know to call us first instead of pay hundreds of dollars to “fix” their computers.

3. Computers are very much like cars…they need regular “oil changes” to run at their best.

4. Regular Maintenance is protects your Investment.

5. Gives you a peace of mind knowing that your computer is protected.

Who would it make a great gift for?
1. Students
2. Grandparents
3. Parents
4. Neighbor
5. Co-worker




Buy one for you and give one to a friend.  Now you can both start the New Year out with a fresh computer and ready to conquer 2017!

Click to schedule your clean up now and we will give you a gift certificate for your gift.

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Let No Child Be Forgotten

After 80 years of bringing Christmas joy to the Children of Muskegon County, the Old Newsies will not be out on the streets this Saturday with their yearly paper raising funds for our children because of new bill passed this fall.  To keep this tradition going and to support this wonderful organization, several local businesses will be stepping up to help fill this need.

We ask that you please consider stopping by one of the locations this Saturday to show your support and to help bring Christmas to the children of Muskegon.

Along with a beautiful article, the full list of businesses can be seen on Mlive.com.  Byte Club Gaming and Technology Bytes are proudly supporting and will have newspapers at the front counter.  We will have free crafts for the kids to make snowflakes and games set up to play. We will also be offer a 20% off coupon for anyone who makes a donation.

“Let No Child Be Forgotten”

Old Newsies Facbook Page

Byte Club Gaming

2190 Whitehall Rd  Muskegon, MI 49445 (next to 750 Grill)  1.231.709.9729

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Build A Computer Workshop


An awesome amount of memory, a killer graphics card, jaw dropping resolution, and a speed that would make the blue hedgehog blush! You want something that can handle you; a computer that can handle you! Whether it be for gaming, memory storage, or running high performance programs that you require for your degree or job, you need a machine that can dish out a punch with what you can throw at it.

Here at Technology Bytes we believe that you deserve the best computer that you can have within your budget; something that’s you. We know how difficult it can be when you’re a student and have a student’s budget. Since School is going to start up again soon, so are our deals! If you decide to build a custom computer with us, bring in your (current) school I.D. and get Microsoft Office 2016 for free! No Membership. No Trials.

So, come on in, build yourself the perfect machine, and get a great deal that will help you with school!

…Remember your school ID!

2190 Whitehall Rd (next to the 750Grill


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Count Down from 10


Over the past year or so Microsoft has urged everyone to update to Windows10 for the price of zero dollars. However, on July 29th of this year, just over a week away, the free downloads will end and the price tag will take a staggering jump. For those of you out there still running Windows7 the cost to upgrade will be around $100. Everyone likes free things right? Well, not if it takes multiple upgrades to your software, and even hardware in the rare case, in order to get it.

The price tag gets relatively high, yes?

Getting with the times can either be incredibly easy or extremely difficult due to how much it damages your wallet. So, if you’re not one that likes to spend much money on new programs or operating systems now is the time to stop dragging your feet! Windows10 is going to lose its free range and become just another operating system that you have to pay to get.

Get your free version NOW before it’s TOO LATE!

Need Help? Call us at 231-709-9729  Website

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Watch your movies NOW!


We all love a good film, whether it be a side splitting comedy, a tear jerking romance, an action packed hero movie, or nightmare inducing horror. Fact is: we all love being entertained. SHATTERBOX has you covered! With thousands of movies at your fingertips, you can select whatever genre you want without having to worry about going to a nearby video store and forking over your money to do it! So, for your next movie night grab your favorite snack, get comfortable, and invite some friends over (or even just enjoy a night in alone)! However, why not support your local theater by going and purchasing a large popcorn bucket and refilling it at your leisure~! Having a large tub of popcorn always improves movie night.

With SHATTERBOX, we’ve got you covered!

Want more information on purchasing your own popcorn bucket? Go to https://celebrationcinema.com/ to learn more!



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